Most of our camping lots are taken by permanents campers. Many of our guests have been camping on our site for years. The permanent camping lots may be styled according to the campers' individual wishes without any limitations and many of our guests have thus created a second home away from home for themselves. Whether it's summer or winter, each season has its own attractions on our camping site and our guests may feel at home here all the year round. All of our permanent camping lots on our site, which is 20,000 m² in size, are provided with access to water, waste water disposal and power.


Our camping site is terraced and has already been awarded a prize for its natural design. Each guest can create their own indivdual retreat in the midst of trees and bushes at the heart of nature without having to give up the comfort of a good infrastructure close at hand. The site includes a cosy restraurant with beer garden, a large playground and it is located close to shops, a supermarket and a McDonald's restaurant.

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